Galkin meeting intro and DVD menu

Each spring Oak Ridge Baptist Church hosts a week of special outreach meetings. In years past, they’ve used the DVD format as a substitute for paper flyers or brochures as an invitation. Last year, Braintrust produced and edited the entire DVD. This year, we helped again, but we were involved only on the shooting and DVD creation side of things. With some help from our friend Jeremy Dooley, we used two Canon digital still cameras to shoot time lapse from two angles. From this we created an image sequence, showing the church auditorium filling up before a morning service. This intro that plays when you first insert the DVD transitions to a “Welcome” from the church worship leader and then to the menu itself. The menu contains footage that Paul shot during a service showing the viewer a montage of the activities that occur during the worship at ORBC. You can view the introduction and menu below.

Timelapse intro
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